There are several ways that you can support the Good Shepherd Foundation:

There are many ongoing financial needs to provide food and water for the children at the orphanage, as well as school supplies, teacher salaries, and larger projects like expanding the school campus.

Current Project:

Previous Projects:

  • Clean Water Project – we are raising funds to dig a well in the village to provide clean water for our students and their families. This is a life-changing initiative!
  • Building Project – construction has begun on new classrooms which will be a blessing to many students who currently meet for class outside under the trees.
  • Shoes for the Children – our kids are in need of shoes to take care of their feet as they walk to school, play, and to prevent them from getting jiggers. $15 provides one pair of shoes for a child.

If you feel led to donate, please contact Patrick Kibirige for instructions on how to give.

We welcome individuals and groups interested in serving alongside us in Uganda! There are many opportunities to get involved at the School and in the community. Complete the form on our Contact page and we will be happy to coordinate with you to schedule a visit.

With so many needs, we covet your prayers. Please pray for the children whom we serve at the school, as well as the parents and teachers in the community. Pray that God would protect them from sickness and that He would provide everything they need and that they would find their hope in Him. We also appreciate your prayers for the Foundation and its work to be able to address all the needs of the people.