Good Shepherd Foundation is a Uganda-based charity organization dedicated to serving the poor and vulnerable in the Kagavu Village of Mubende District.

Patrick Kibirige is the founder and director of Good Shepherd Foundation Uganda. He is a Ugandan citizen and born-again Christian with a heart for serving the people of Kagavu. What started with a small school in the village has grown into a well-established campus with a primary school, secondary school, serving more than 500 students as well as a medical clinic and community garden.

Patrick became a Christian at the age of 14, and was dedicated to telling others about Jesus. When he was 16, he went on a mission trip to the Kagavu Village. He was very touched by the kindness of the people, but was also burdened for the situation in the community: people were dying of diseases, children were not going to school, and many had little to eat or drink. Patrick felt convicted by God to start a ministry to work within this community and to open a school to serve the needs of hundreds of children in the village. Over the next four years, the Good Shepherd Foundation was established and Patrick began working with the people in the village.

One of the biggest needs of the community was a school for the hundreds of children in the village who had no access to education. Patrick began working with the people in the village and four years later he officially opened Our Father School on February 2, 2010. When the school opened, there were 30 students who gathered under the shade of tree, with Patrick serving as the only teacher because he could not afford to employ anyone else.

As the students progressed, it became clear there was a need to start a secondary school to continue supporting the education of the students. In February 2022, Destiny High School opened its doors, providing a new opportunity to serve the older kids in the community. Both Our Father School and Destiny High School have continued to grow, including over 35 teachers and staff. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a safe, loving environment for children. Some of our kids are orphans and live in dormitories at the school. The rest of the students live in the nearby village. The schools have no electricity but use a generator, and we have a  clean water system which the schools, medical clinic and the community use. This community previously never had clean water and would rely on ponds nearby for getting water.

In addition to the school, the Foundation continues to seek out opportunities to serve and meet the needs of the people in the community.