Our Father School

A place where children can feel at home as they learn.

Our Father School was started in 2010 as Patrick answered the call to help vulnerable children in and around their community of Kagavu, Uganda. Many of the children in full time care at Our Father School have lost one or both of their parents due to HIV/AIDS. In some cases their parents are terminally ill due to the disease. In other cases, children have been abandoned because of family breakdowns that may have been caused by the pandemic. In all cases, the children’s families are too poor to provide for even their basic needs. As is so often the case in Uganda, when children lose one or both of their parents, they can subsequently fall through the extended family safety net, because their relatives are also absent, neglectful or too poverty-stricken to take them in. Family-breakdowns like this can finally result in the destitution of vulnerable young children. OFS offers an intervention into such situations: a place to call home and family. It offers hope and new life opportunities for the children and their families

Our desire is to create an environment where every child can live and learn free from fear and free from a history of rejection and abandonment, where they can dream big and see their dreams fulfilled.

Our Father School comprises seven classes; pre-school (x2) and primary (1 through to 5) with a vision to continue supporting all age groups and all manner of children in the community by establishing a secondary school and vocational training center. The school is open to orphans, who live with us on a full-time basis, and to children from the local community. We use the government-standardized curriculum at primary level, with a goal to enhance many aspects of the children’s learning through additional vocational training, and hire local teachers and staff to help us in training the next generation.