Destiny High School

In 2010, The Good Shepherd Foundation established Our Father Primary School in a village school outside of Kampala, Uganda. The school serves approximately 300 children in the community, many of which are orphans who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS. We use the government-standardized curriculum, with a goal to enhance many aspects of the children’s learning through additional vocational training, and hire local teachers and staff to help us in training the next generation. Through the support of donors, the foundation has been able to add a secondary school to the campus. Destiny High School is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2021.

In order to support the incoming secondary students, there are still a number of items needed, including restroom facilities, furniture, and academic resources. Please see the full list below.

Restroom Facilities$2300
Plumbing for Toilets$1430
Glass for Windows/Doors$1300
Furniture (Tables, Chairs, Desks)$1570
Bunk Beds & Mattresses$1430
Solar Panel for Lighting$900
Scholastic Materials, Books, Pens, Paper$1100
Uniforms for Secondary Students$1500
Thunder Arrester Lightening Rod System$500
Hand-washing stations$450
Temperature Gun$50